Moving to a Studio Apartment? Prepare to Declutter

Studio apartments in Louisville, KY., have become increasingly popular with renters who want a simpler lifestyle. Moving to a space that’s smaller than 600 square feet, however, can be a challenge if you have a lot of “stuff.”  

There’s no better time to declutter than when you’re preparing for a move. You’ll be going through all of your closets and cabinets anyway, so why not take the opportunity to shed some excess inventory? Your reward will be a tidy studio apartment that seems larger than it is, thanks to your decluttering.

Step 1: The Informal Survey

As you survey your closets and storage areas, you may discover items you forgot you owned. You can probably get rid of those items immediately. If you have any possessions that don’t improve your life in some way, aren’t useful, or have no value, they probably don’t need to be boxed-up and moved to your new apartment.

Step 2: Rethink Your Reasons

Even when people don’t consider themselves “pack rats,” they may hold on to items they don’t really need. Common justifications for accumulating clutter are:

“I might need this someday.” This is a valid argument if you’re referring to a box of bandages, but it’s often used to justify owning a “back-up” item (for example, a second toaster, just in case the first toaster stops working). Most items that might be needed someday are available in stores.

“This has sentimental value.” Gifts from loved ones or items inherited from a relative may have sentimental value. But if such items are stashed in a box, or not useful or valuable, they could probably be donated to a charity and become useful for someone else.

“I paid good money for this.” This argument is what is called a “sunk cost fallacy” – the tendency to retain something or continue an endeavor, because of a previous cost that can’t be recovered. Mass-produced household items, electronics, and wares generally don’t hold their value.

If you’re justifying clutter, maybe it’s time to rethink whether you really need whatever object you’re referring to.

Step 3: Feel Good

Although the process of decluttering can be emotionally taxing, getting rid of items you don’t need feels good – you’re getting a fresh start, and when you give items to charity, or to friends who can use them you’re also helping someone else.

Ready to Move?

Halsey Flats in St. Matthews has reasonably priced studio units with balconies or patios. We’re also a mile from Goodwill and across from Mall St. Matthews, so you won’t have far to go when you need to get rid of or replace items in your home! Give us a call today: (502) 806-8030.

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